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How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell on a Budget

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How to get your home ready to sell  on a budget


Are you in desperate need of more space or ready downsize? Here are a few tips to get you ready to  sell your home on a budget. 

1. First impressions are everything.Curb appeal is essential in today’s market. Immediately as a potential buyer drives up curb appeal is the first impression of your home. For best results, have all landscape maintained with the grass recently mowed. Consider planting fresh flowers along the walkway. Be sure to have the doorbell accessible, front door cleaned with adequate light fixtures. If you have a front porch, make it as inviting as possible. Include a welcome doormat or a seating option. The buyer will be able to quickly imagine themselves at home before walking in the door. 

2. Prioritize decluttering all spaces. Your home is a personal reflection of you and your family. Kids will inevitably have toys everywhere. Try finding space saving solutions in the closet or take a look at donating some items with your kids to have a better flow throughout each space. Be sure to eliminate collectables and personal items throughout the home.Clutter can distract or overwhelm a home buyer. When a potential buyer walks in each space, there needs to be defined paths to walk and clear sight lines. 

3. Create dedicated spaces. Each spot in your home should have functionality. If you have an extra room with nothing in it, create a home office. Maybe you have a unique feature under your staircase, redefine it as a reading nook. By establishing the spaces, the buyer will be able to easily envision what it could be for themselves. Use furniture to frame each space. You can create an entertainment space by grouping furniture around to make it more conversational. 

4. A fresh coat of paint will give new life to any home. When  repainting your home, be sure to use a neutral color scheme throughout each room. It may not be your taste, but it is most likely to appeal to a wide-range of potential home buyers. Many paint companies can refer a professional painter if needed and will also match colors upon request. Ask your local paint professionals.

5. Deep cleaning is a great way to eliminate odor and reassure the buyer that this is their next home. Make sure floors are in the best condition. If you have carpet, rent a carpet cleaner or hire a cleaning service to help you out. The kitchen is very important and should be decluttered and kept clean throughout all showings. Consider washing your comforters and cleaning underneath all furniture. Remove all dust and clean baseboards and crown molding.

6. Select the right scent. What is the first thing people point out when walking into a home? In your case, you hope it is not an odor. Don’t risk it, if you deep cleaned that will help. Also try finding a least offensive smell to spray occasionally in your home. Perhaps try a fresh fabric or laundry smell that leaves the space feeling clean rather than trying to mask a smell. 

7. Bring indoor living outside. If you have a backyard, make outdoor living a focal point. Spruce up your backyard and place seating strategically to create an inviting place for entertainment. Outdoor pillows provide a pop of color and add to the functionality and interest in the outdoor space. If you have a dining set outside, transform the space by setting the table. 

8. Find a real estate agent that understands your needs. At RealtySouth, we operate at the highest standards. We do this by cultivating relationships through trust, loyalty and integrity. With over 900 local real estate agents throughout Alabama, we are ready to assist you in the next steps of the home selling process. 

9. Receive your complimentary home estimate by a professional real estate agent.  RealtySouth agents always take it a step further to ensure that you are receiving the best service because you deserve it! Not only will you receive a home estimator with current local comps, you can also count on additionalhome selling tips, marketing, proven strategies and analysis to ensure you are getting top dollar for your home.


These ideas are cost effective ways to get your home sold! How much is your home worth?  Find out here! 









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